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John Hinchee
John Hinchee


John Hinchee


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Plano, TX USA
Homepage: View Website
Spouse/Partner: Married
Children: Two grown young adults ages 24/ 25
Occupation: Cloud Engineer
Military Service: United States Air Force  
Career path:

Computer Engineer

Fondest Jr. High memory:

Memories meh... here is my contact info. Lets IM and Chat and all that jazz. NOW lets keep up!



Where you've lived since Saudi:

Lajes Field, Portugal
Kalkar, Germany
Supreme Allied Headquarters - NATO - Belgium
Sacramento, California
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tyler, Texas
Currently live in wonderful Dallas, Texas

Thing I miss most about Saudi:

I do not miss the heat.
I do however miss the beaches. If the oil ever runs out, all they need to do are open resorts.

Saudi Friends I've stayed in touch with (pre Facebook):

None, 33 years have gone by and life has left us far apart. Time to catch up!

Pet Peeves:

120 degrees in the shade

Plans for the Future:

work hard to provide for my loved ones

Last Word:

33 years has gone by. Not all of us are still here. Maybe it would be nice to get in touch with those of you whom I thought of as friends.
Four of us are gone, and we really are not long for this Earth.
******* CONTACT INFO *******



Attending 30-year Reunion (06/26/14)


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After leaving Saudi, my step father adopted me. So I became John Baggett. And I'm still handsome !!! All those of you who are left - lets IM and Chat. We'll never make up for all the years gone by, but we can share stories of our adventures through life.

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